We keep a strict tab on fluctuations and innovations in Yarn Industry to provide you the best possible information and deals. It has been due to consistent monitoring of markets and providing valuable feedback, our customers have benefited by clinching cost effective deals at the fastest speed. We keep track of the latest happenings in the market to provide you with in depth statistics and market report of each product we deal in.

We heavily emphasize upon selection of quality buyers and suppliers, channel of distribution, markets, cost effective dealings, and integration of proper exchange mechanism with Trade Mechanism. We always endeavour to provide you the best of services at all times.

We have established extensive contacts and rapport in India and other international markets. We have started our sales office in Iran. Our network encompasses markets such as China Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, China and others which are major supplier countries of yarn. We have established our sales network in India, Eastern Europe, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Canada, USA, Mexico and various other countries. We cater to the needs of extensive range of clientele such as Texturizers, Weavers, Traders and related textiles players. We have established strong relationship with major and reliable manufacturing companies in various countries.

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